Welcome to ART:30!


Not your typical paint party. We bring the obscure, the different, the tried and true along with the experimental.

We bring the party to you. We can set up in your home, office, bar, restaurant, meeting room, outdoors, where ever is most convenient for you. Why go out and drag along your snacks and libations when you can walk into your kitchen and grab something out of your fridge or bar?

Art30 is great for batchelorette parties, birthday parties, wine tastings, brewerie tappings, retirement parties, neighborhood parties, or any other get together you can think up. If it’s worth getting together, it’s worth having fun and painting. We are not serious art, we are FUN art. Half the fun is doing something different and if you want to take it more serious, do it often.

We offer just about any painting you want to do, easy, cheesy, serious, moderate, pop-art, challenging, you pick what you want to do and we’ll handle doing it. You can select from Our Paintings, or find something you like elsewhere. Either way we will take it step by step and help you create your masterpiece. We are adding new paintings all the time!


Call, text, or email us today and let’s get your party started!

It’s Art:30 Somewhere, might as well be here!